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Carlo Lepelaars

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Joining CrowdCent full-time

Very happy to announce that, starting in January, I’m joining CrowdCent full-time! I will focus on financial data, NLP and Numerai models. CrowdCent’s vision is to decentralize investment management by aligning incentives, crowdsourcing ideas and processing them with machine learning. For more information: https://crowdcent.com

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Numerai Signals Blog post

I just released a new blog post on getting started with Numerai Signals using stocknewsapi.com and a sentiment analysis model (FinBERT). Blog post link here Accompanying code link here This post was written for Weights and Biases. More blog posts that I wrote for this platform can be found here.

Transformer, Attention is all you need

Transformer Deep Dive blog post

“If you want to learn something well, explain it.” – Richard Feynman Over the Christmas break I wrote a deep dive about the fundamental building block of so many awesome AI models nowadays (GPT-3, DALL-E, etc.): Transformers! Includes background, PyTorch code and formulas. Hope you learn as much from it as I did writing it!…
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29th place silver in Jigsaw’s toxic comment classification competition

The Jigsaw Toxic Comment competition on Kaggle is finalized! Our team “No Comment” finished on 29th place out of 1,621 teams. It was loads of fun to work on this competition with Ryan Chesler and Maximilian Jeblick. Learned a lot of new things about NLP and ensembling.