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Carlo Lepelaars

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Doing Siraj Raval’s “Learn Machine Learning in 3 months”: Week 3

For more information on Learn Machine Learning in 3 Months watch this video: http://aitu.be/Siraj3 For the introductory post on this series: aitu.be/Siraj3m1w1 Week 2 was about Calculus with 3Blue1Brown’s “Essence of Calculus” series. If you have a little background in calculus this series can be finished in a few days. That will give you more time to devote to…
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Doing Siraj Raval’s “Learn Machine Learning in 3 months”: Week 2

Hi Guys, Last week I talked about being inspired by Siraj Raval’s and his “Learn Machine Learning in 3 months” curriculum. The first week featured Linear Algebra with this MIT course. Even with the videos at 2x speed it was a heavy week to complete the course, but it is doable if you are motivated! Week…
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