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Carlo Lepelaars

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Estimating 3D rotation with deep learning

For the past two months my colleagues and I at VBTI have been working on estimating 3D rotation with deep learning for various applications. Here we show an example demonstration using a laptop webcam and a stuffed elephant (Ollie). 😁 https://www.linkedin.com/posts/carlolepelaars_vbti-ai-deeplearning-activity-6694260638857867264-eMfK

Kaggle, Deepfake, Face detection

79st Place Silver Solution in Kaggle’s Deepfake Detection Competition!

Happy to say that our team got 79st place in Kaggle’s Deepfake Detection competition! This is sufficient for a silver medal. In this blog post I will give an overview of our solution. In essence, we tried to include as much model diversity in our ensemble as possible in order to survive a leaderboard shakeup.…
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    The basic website for aitube.io is now online! My goal with aitube.io is to organize the information on the Internet about AI (Artificial Intelligence) through crowdsourcing! It is an open source project where people can submit videos and suggestions from the web or upload their own videos! aitube.io will evolve so be sure to check…
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