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Carlo Lepelaars

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Doing Siraj Raval’s “Learn Machine Learning in 3 months”: Week 4

In case you are not familiar with Siraj Raval’s “Learn Machine Learning in 3 Months”  curriculum check out this video: http://aitu.be/Siraj3 Week 3 of this curriculum was about probability through the MIT edX Course “Introduction to Probability“. The time recommended to take this course is 18 weeks and completing the course in one week proved very…
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    The basic website for aitube.io is now online! My goal with aitube.io is to organize the information on the Internet about AI (Artificial Intelligence) through crowdsourcing! It is an open source project where people can submit videos and suggestions from the web or upload their own videos! aitube.io will evolve so be sure to check…
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