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My name is Carlo Lepelaars and I’m doing all sorts of things.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Drums and Investing.

University Student: Data Science

Creator: aitube.io

Freelance Drummer: C-Music


All things A.I.! aitube.io is organizing the Internet’s information on A.I. (artificial intelligence) through crowdsourcing! It is an open source project where people can submit videos from the web or upload their own videos.







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I work as a freelance drummer under the name of C-Music. My experience includes several (Cover)bands and projects with performances on large Dutch festivals like Zwarte Cross, Paaspop and Festyland, among others.

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Appearance on Ivan Goncharov’s “The AI Wizards Show”

    Last week Ivan Goncharov and I sat down to talk about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and AGI (Artificial General Intelligence for “The AI Wizards Show”. Eventually we talked for[…]

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Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Carlo Lepelaars, aitube.io, 100DaysofMLCode, Kaggle

#100DaysOfMLCode: A Machine Learning Journey (Summary)

  100 days ago, AI Youtuber Siraj Raval proposed the “100 Days of ML Code” challenge. In this challenge you pledge to code and/or study machine learning for at least[…]

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Siraj Raval, Machine Learning, aitube.io, aitu.be, carlo lepelaars, artificial intelligence, deep learning

Doing Siraj Raval’s “Learn Machine Learning in 3 months”: Week 10-12

In case you are not familiar with Siraj Raval’s “Learn Machine Learning in 3 Months” curriculum check out this video: http://aitu.be/Siraj3 This is my last blog post in this series, because[…]

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