My name is Carlo Lepelaars and I’m doing all sorts of things.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Drums and Investing.

Data Science Competitions: Kaggle

Freelance Machine Learning Engineer: carlo.ai

University Student: Data Science

ICT Committee:  Serpentine AI

Freelance Drummer: C-Music

Kaggle Competitor

You can find me on Kaggle competing in Data Science competitions and sharing ideas related to data science. 








Freelance Machine Learning Engineer

Doing freelance work in Machine Learning and Data Science.

Currently working on computer vision projects for AI consultancy company VBTI

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Predictive Modeling. 



I work as a freelance drummer under the name of C-Music. My experience includes several (Cover)bands and projects with performances on large Dutch festivals like Zwarte Cross, Paaspop and Festyland, among others.

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jigsaw, kaggle, silver, nlp, natural language processing

29th place silver in Jigsaw’s toxic comment classification competition

The Jigsaw Toxic Comment competition on Kaggle is finalized! Our team “No Comment” finished on 29th place out of 1,621 teams. It was loads of fun to work on this[…]

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Kaggle, Deepfake, Face detection

79st Place Silver Solution in Kaggle’s Deepfake Detection Competition!

Happy to say that our team got 79st place in Kaggle’s Deepfake Detection competition! This is sufficient for a silver medal. In this blog post I will give an overview[…]

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Kaggle, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, EfficientNet, AI, Machine Learning

Achieving Kernels Master and Competitions Expert on Kaggle!

After spending 1.5 years on Kaggle I can confidently say that it has been the most valuable resource for learning Data Science that I encountered. Kaggle will give you a[…]

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