Hi! How are you doing?

My name is Carlo Lepelaars and I’m doing all sorts of things.

My interests include Music, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, E-Commerce, Domain Names, Programming and Investing.

Some of my activities at the moment:

University Student: Data Science

Entrepreneur: DomainName.Partners

Freelance Drummer: C-Music


DomainName.Partners is a platform for innovative Internet domains. The company specializes in new fields like domain hacks, new gtlds, emoji domains and generic domains to strengthen brands. Furthermore, DomainName.Partners provides simple niche websites to offer a specific product or service. Some examples of niche websites are aitube.io, GrowRich.eu and SecurityAnalysis.eu. The intention for these websites is to serve and to keep it simple.









I work as a freelance drummer under the name of C-Music. My experience includes several (Cover)bands and projects with performances on large Dutch festivals like Zwarte Cross, Paaspop and Festyland, among others.

C-Music Videos


Years of Experience


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Projects Done


Some stuff I have been working on.

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Doing Siraj Raval’s “Learn Machine Learning in 3 months”: Week 2

Hi Guys, Last week I talked about being inspired by Siraj Raval’s and his “Learn Machine Learning in 3 months” curriculum. The first week featured Linear Algebra with this MIT course.[…]

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Siraj Raval, Machine Learning, aitube.io, aitu.be, carlo lepelaars, artificial intelligence, deep learning

Doing Siraj Raval’s “Learn Machine Learning in 3 months”: Week 1

Hi guys, Siraj Raval is a Youtuber which focuses on clarifying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in a modern and fast-paced way. Recently Siraj released this video “Learn Machine Learning[…]

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    The basic website for aitube.io is now online! My goal with aitube.io is to organize the information on the Internet about AI (Artificial Intelligence) through crowdsourcing! It is an[…]

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